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led nail lamp for sale

I’ve always wanted to try gel manicures and the LED nail lamp, but barely have the time to go to a nail tech at our local salon. Seeing ads about the bright and fun colors, I couldn’t help but ask my friends about it especially those who’ve already had their nails done via a nail lamp. I wanted to explore my more creative side and show up with nails done with more than just simple French or just one color – I wanted a cool and unique design.

Gel manicures allow you creativity in the way you paint your nails. There are plenty of how-tos on the net and video tutorials about its application so you yourself can try it at home especially if you have very little time to go to a salon and visit your nail technician. The important thing is, having a dryer or a LED nail lamp to cure your gel manicures. As gel nail manicure sales or demand continue to rise, so does the number of products available on the market for them.


One of the main staples in a nail manicure is a led nail light. The difference in an led nail lamp vs uv nail lamp may surprise you. Ultraviolet lights not only need more energy, require changing the bulb periodically, take longer to dry and set your nails, but studies are actually showing they may cause cancer. LED nail lights on the other hand, are relatively new to the game, but they have significant advantages over UV models. For starters, they need smaller amounts of power and seem to last forever.

LED nail light also work substantially faster that its UV counterpart – taking between 10-90 seconds to cure each coat of polish, as opposed to 1-3 minutes in a UV lamp. They do not heat up like UV lamps do; they stay cool and don’t hurt your hands with the heat. UV rays emitted from an LED nail lamp are negligible – a tiny fraction compared to what is emitted from a UV dryer. Did you know that LED bulbs are eco-friendly? They do not release toxic chemicals like other regular bulbs when disposed of. However, LED nail lights are usually quite a bit more expensive than their UV counterparts. They are still a worthwhile investment compared to the UV nail lamp, considering their safety, speed, and shelf life.

Led Nail Lamp For Sale

led nail light reviewTheir prices are dropping and becoming more affordable for the regular manicure aficionados. So when a friend of mine finally got me tryin out nail art this past summer, I was more than thrilled. She had the free time to do my nails every few days and I absolutely loved it. Jenna was incredibly talented and creative and could pass as a professional nail technician, impressing me with the different ways she painted my nails. It was nice to just sit back and relax while she worked on my nails like an artist, but she gave me tips and pointers for me to try it out myself eventually.

The OPI Led light she had used to dry and set my nails worked so easily and beautifully. From never having my nails done to getting them done that often, it was seriously a treat. I knew I had to have one for myself. When her work scheduled changed, so did my manicures. When she told me where I could buy all the supplies online, I decided I’d have to get them. What better way to spoil myself! I just bought my own LED nail lamp, a Harmony gelish light which is slighter different than the one she had but it is still just as easy to use. The nail polishes I got are in a wide variety of bright colors which I can use together in combinations, layering, adding glitters and so on. I’ll be able to play with these for quite a while before feeling bored with my choices.

As for the led nail lamp, I bought one by following some easy steps, the first one being: figuring out how much was I willing to spend for it. Budget constrictions are a bummer, but if you want that beautiful manicure and you want to do it at home to avoid the expense salon charges and the hassle of actually having to go there you can get yourself a lamp. Next, I made sure I chose a lamp that was compatible with my nail polish brand.

It is important to consider what will work best with polishes you have or prefer to use. LED lights only cure LED polishes, if you are more of Shellac chick, you have a UV lamp. Good news is, majority of polishes are LED so they will work with both lamp types.

Melody Susie

MelodySusie® 12W LED Nail Dryer


Next up is the Bulb Life Span. LED nail lamps come with different bulbs, some are never replaced and last 50,000 hours. Some bulbs in UV lamps can vary by manufacturer, usually they last around 100 hours and replaced by $30 bulbs. So chose which one works for you. There are lamps that can let you cure both hands at the same time and both feet at the same time. This allows you to save time and it’s really cool getting to dry both hands at the same. Warranty and extra features are also important.

Most lamps are replaceable in 90 days with free repair for another month. Not all brands though offer this support, so chose the one that will get you the best deal. Special timer features on the other hand are really helpful, especially when you custom program a setting or have all the preset timers you’d ever need. Other led nail lamps have a motion sensor that automatically turns on the lamp when you slide your hands under.

Taking all those into consideration allowed me to get my hands on the best lamp for me. Now I get to do my nails according to how I want them with ease and I love how these nails look compared to acrylic ones. Every time I use my led nail lamp and polish, I feel as though I’m getting salon quality manicures! It’s a lot of fun and it looks as glamorous as Hollywood A-lister’s nails!

Why Choose LED Nail Light?

The LED Nail Light, the LED Gel Lamp, the LED Nail Curing Lamp, and the LED Nail Dryer are the most recommended for home and professional style
nail manicures.

Benefits of the LED Nail Light:uv vs led nail lamp

  • Emits light through an LED using diodes.
  • Bulbs are not replaced in your LED light product.
  • You will receive up to 50000 hours of usage.
  • Cures three times faster than the UV light.
  • Works with mostly all gel nail polishes.
  • Light weight and uses less power than the UV lamp.
  • Low UV exposure


What else you should know about LED nail dryer

Tired of paying a lot of money on salon manicures? On the other hand, perhaps you are a professional looking for a high-powered LED nail dryer. The LED dryer is your best option.

When purchasing a LED dryer you want to be sure and get a nail dryer that is quiet and not noisy. No more waiting for your nails to dry the LED nail dryer helps your nails receives the correct amount of gel lamp exposure for perfect curing. The LED nail curing lamp gives a long lasting manicure or pedicure.

About the LED Gel Lamp and the LED Nail Curing Lamp

Are you looking to get a LED gel lamp or LED nail curing lamp product?

  • First, you can spare yourself by saving a huge amount of cash using the LED gel lamp or nail curing lamp product.
  • Second, you can bypass all the extra curing time. The LED gel lamp or LED nail curing lamp product cures your gel nail polish fast.
  • Third, with the LED gel lamp or nail curing lamp product there are no harsh UV light rays beaming onto your delicate nail beds.

You will be very happy with the LED nail dryer which will professionally dry your gel nail polish for a lot of years to come. The LED nail light technology is safer than UV lighting. Enjoy!

The LED Nail Light Compared to the UV Lamp

Led nail curing lightAll lights are categorized by its different wavelengths. Light that is visible for the human eye is different from infra-red (e.g. which just a few animals, such as some dogs, kittens and cats can see).

The LED nail light is the same as ultraviolet (UV) lighting with different lamp bulbs.

Furthermore, the LED nail light transfers energy from the UV spectrum and the UV lamp transfers light specifically from the compact fluorescent lights they use.


Here are some pros  and cons of the UV light

  • Emits light through fluorescent light bulbs that are compact.
  • Bulb must be replaced every few months.
  • You will receive up to 10000 hours of usage.
  • Curing time is longer than the LED gel lamp.
  • Works with mostly all gel nail polishes.
  • Heavier in weight and requires more power than the LED gel lamp.
  • Research shows the UV nail lamp may cause skin cancer.

LED Nail Lamp for Nails

LED nail lamps for nails, the OPI LED light, and the Gelish 18g LED lamp are the most recommended lights for nail manicures.

About the OPI LED Light

The OPI LED light has special features. This LED nail lamp for nails highlights an ability to cater to your hands and feet. There is a special stand on this OPI LED light that you can also use to perfectly manicure your feet. In addition, there is a special center for comfort of your thumbnail.

Learn more about OPI LED Nail lamps Here! (Special Discount Included)!

OPI led nail lamp


Benefits of the OPI LED Light

Now you can have that perfect manicure from the comfort of your home. Your OPI LED light manicure will last as long as your expensive nail salon manicure. The OPI LED light rapidly and securely dries and cures gel nail shine within thirty to forty seconds, and no longer than a minute. The OPI LED light is housed in a sturdy base.

Besides having, your manicures and pedicures last longer here are some other benefits of your OPI LED light.

  • Works with all brands of polishes.
  • No more paying extravagant prices to get your nail done.
  • Wear a variety of colored nail polishes.

About the Gelish 18g LED Lamp

You will see the Gelish 18g LED lamp in salons everywhere. You will not have to wait anymore for one hand to dry.

  • This LED nail lamp for nails is a professional and at home use product.
  • This Gelish 18g LED lamp has a timer that beeps upon start and completion.

Gelish Harmony 18G LED Nail Lamp


Want your gel nails dried fast?

  • This Gelish 18g LED lamp dries all types of nail polishes, including gel nails fast.
  • With this programmable Gelish 18g LED lamp, you can dry two hands at the same time. Large enough for two hands but still compact in size.
  • The light covers the entire nail bed of two hands without having to turn your fingers from side to side.
  • This Gelish 18g LED lamp cures the edges and dries your designer nails extremely fast.

This LED nail lamp for nails is a professional LED nail lamp and you will see licensed professionals using this product. Everyone loves using this Gelish 18g LED lamp because it is pretty with a pearly exterior and a door that slides to keep the light inside. Also, important to note is the low price.

Look no further for designer nails this Gelish 18g LED lamp cures, seals and dries nails fast. Here you will find more detailed information about 18G LED lamp!

About the Sensationail Pro 3060 Led Lamp

Save time! The Sensationail Pro 3060 LED lamp is produced to safely and quickly cure all nail colors and polishes. Your manicure will have a glossy, mirror-like appearance. Conservative and extraordinary for travel the Sensationail Pro 3060 LED lamp is pre-customized for 30 seconds and 60 seconds.

Get a gel shine in fewer than 50% the span of time for a standard UV light, and no bother with changing lights. High vitality! The Sensationail Pro 3060 LED lamp highlights the force of an expert salon nail light in a lightweight package that is anything but difficult to store and significantly simpler to use.

SensatioNail Gel Led Lamp


One catch! At the power of the mouse, light is pre-customized to cut off. In addition, when you experience this high quality LED nail lamp for nails you will it here it make a chirping noise for treating time. No need to be troubled with over or under-curing.

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