Harmony Gelish

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If you’re looking for cool and hip nail colors, then Harmony Gelish is your best answer! Gel nail products called Gelish or gel-polish, have created a new trend in the beauty industry, and women all over the world want their nails done perfectly using this new product.

Gelish is a soak-off nail product in gel form and acts as nail polish, similar to regular nail polishes only, it lasts longer with no chipping or fading. It offers unique colors and combinations and a distinct look. Harmony Gelish is one of the, if not the most popular brand of Gelish nail products available on the market.

Gelish is basically an ultraviolet (UV) nail gel that can be applied in different steps as regular nail polish but requires a UV or LED lamp in order to cure and dry the gel. Harmony Gelish has its own nail lamps, UV and LED.

Recently, they have released the 18G LED lamp that cures all five fingers in just five seconds. The fastest nail lamp available in the market today has a pending patent for their eyeShield technology that limits the user’s exposure to the UV rays used in curing Gelish on natural nails.

One of the reasons why these gel polishes are the trend in manicures is because the product does not harm the nails. Brushed onto nails by nail technicians, this Gelish solution does not have adverse effects on natural nails like acrylic does and also does not cause the nails yellowish discoloration like regular nail polishes.

Harmony Gelish offers a variety of shades or colors to choose from. These shades can be applied by a nail technician into layers that will create a unique look on your nails. With different combinations and layering, the technician can create a design, an effect, especially for you.

The Gelish products have a distinct color from regular nail polish. They offer bright red, hot pink, and purple shades they name creatively like Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice, June Bride, Allure, etc.

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These gel polishes make it possible for a nail technician to create various designs and colors with the exclusive range of Harmony Gelish products.

Since they are nail artists themselves, the company understands that nothing is more important than the tools of our craft and nothing is more challenging than product inconsistencies.

They are the first to come out with brush-in-bottle gel polish and they continuously educate nail artists and technicians about the latest trends, designs and combined with their Gelish products.

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